Kofi A. Annan

“Freedom of press ensures the freedom of the people. Worldview and it's subsidiary Young Asia Television are together a vehicle of peace and international understanding. This is an example of how a media organization contributes towards the preservation and enhancement of democracy.”

Kofi A. Annan
Secretary General of the United Nations

Thor Heyerdahl

“Worldview aims to work for better understanding between developed and developing nations. Both words have something to give each other”.

Thor Heyerdahl
Explorer and author
(First Vice President of Worldview International Foundation)

Aung San Su Kyi

“I am thankful to Worldview lnternational Foundation for its long term support to democracy and sustainable development in Burma. In particular, I am pleased to highlight it's partnership with U Soe Nyunt to rescue endangered orchids and secure the rich bio-diversity in our beloved country"

Aung San Su Kyi
Chairperson and General Secretary of the National League for Democracy

Bjørn Heyerdahl

“My father Thor Heyerdahl was among the first in the world to warn against Global Warming.
His life was dedicated to sustainable development with equal rights for all. I am proud of following in his footsteps.
Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar is a timely response to Global Warming and provides support to a country searching for a democratic future with sustainable development for its people.”

Bjørn Heyerdahl

Erik Solheim

“The Climate Conference in Paris in December 2015 gave hope for the future.
In order to keep temperature under 2 degrees C, there is an urgent need for immediate action.
In addition to reducing emissions, mitigating CO2 already in the atmosphere is equally important. Protecting the world’s rain forests and restore lost mangrove forests are essential in reaching the desired goals.
One of the countries with the greatest need for mangrove restoration is Myanmar.  Worldview International Foundation’s pioneering project “Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park” with 2 million new trees and millions more to come, is an example of practical solutions to the biggest challenge in our time. 

Erik Solheim,
Head of UN Environment
Under-Secretary General United Nations

Sir Arthur Clarke

- the father of the communication revolution

“As the country that saw the birth of both electronic and information technologies draws to a close, it seems that virtually everything we would wish to do in the field of communications is now technically possible. The only limitations are financial, legal or political. In time, I am sure most of these will disappear, leaving us with only the limitations of our own morality.
But we will have to work very hard to reach the stage where the new information channels and communications technology serve the needs and interests of all men, women and children in this world. During this century, we have achieved unprecedented capability of reaching out to the people anywhere on the planet, yet we have barely tapped this potential for information, education and awareness rising. I have been appalled to see much of the content that is beamed through television channels - and now becoming available through the rapidly spreading World Wide Web.
This is where the work of Worldview International Foundation stands out. For over 20 years, Worldview has maintained a steady commitment to harnessing the power of communications tools and media for sustainable human development. It has achieved this by producing quality material, training media professionals and enabling communities to understand and appreciate each other. Young Asia Television, Worldview’s recent initiative, exemplifies the organization’s philosophy: it is a brave attempt to provide an alternative voice to reach out to millions of people across the Asia Pacific region.
I would like o congratulate Worldview as it enters the new millennium, and wish them all success as they continue with their unfinished business.”

Sir Arthur Clarke CBE
Chancellor, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Chancellor, International Space University

Mary Robinson

“I want to congratulate ESCAP and Worldview/Young Asia Television for a successful completion of 52 interesting mini documentaries on Right to Development.Advocacy by using television is a very cost effective approach in promoting Human Rights.I am happy that the series will reach large audiences in Asia through Young Asia Television and other broadcasters and through Worldview’s network of NGOs and I thank the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its financial support to the project.”

Mary Robinson
(when serving as UN Commissioner for Human Rights 2001)

Margot Wallstrom

“Global Warming is the biggest challenge in human history.
We can win this battle with support from everyone concerned.
I have visited Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar and experienced an effective process with local and global impact."

Margot Wallstrom
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Former Chairperson Worldview Internationa Foundation

Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga

“I am pleased to express my appreciation of the good work done by Worldview International Foundation and its subsidiaries in Sri Lanka and in other developing countries.
Worldview was the first international NGO to establish its Head Office in Sri Lanka in 1979. Since then it has grown substantially and is serving many developing needs in the country.
Communication and public education are today recognized as important elements of the development process. Worldview’s efforts in the use of video, radio, television, Internet, software and development related technology to bridge the digital divide, is therefore very appreciated.
Over the years, Worldview has contributed to several socio-economic, media related development issues, as well as for peace in Sri Lanka.
I extend my best wishes to Worldview. May it continue to contribute actively in the development efforts of our country.”

Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga
President of Sri Lanka 1994-2005

Message from Dr. A. C. S. Hameed

“Worldview is a unique development organization with a visionary mission to empower people in developing countries with the fruits of the communication revolution”.

Dr. A. C. S. Hameed
Sri Lanka’s first Foreign Minister
(President of Worldview from inception in 1979 to his demise in 1999)

Message from Nina Kung Wang

"I am pleased to support Worldview International Foundation's unique initiative Young Asia Television. This highlights the importance of the young generation in promoting Peace and Sustainable Development in the Asian Region."

Nina Kung Wang
Chairwoman, Chinachem Group
Hong Kong

Message from Warimu Kariuki

“Worldview, though its work with rural women specially in Nyandarun, has successfully inspired them to increase their effectiveness in such essential areas as food security, biodiversity conservation, tree planting , group organization and local leadership.”

Warimu Kariuki
National Environmental Secretariat

NORAD Evaluation

“The staff is dedicated, competent and hardworking under the strong management of its Secretary General. The accounts of WIF and subsidiary companies for 1999, except for PLN which not yet has been audited, are in good order and seem to represent stated values and transactions. The accounts are prepared and consolidated for WIF and the Media Centres in a manner that seems appropriate and do not need any major changes in terms of accounting structure, system or individual entering figures. All accounting follows local practice which is general are similar to international accepted standards. The Finance Manager and accountants seem to be well qualified and responded rapidly and adequately to any request for information made by the team”.

NORAD Evaluation

Institute of Nutrition and Food Science

“Worldview’s Home Garden Project is the most successful media initiative to change infant feeding habits in Asia.”

Institute of Nutrition and Food Science
University of Dhaka

We thank our members who have contributed substantially to the progress of Worldview. Among them are Dr. A. C. S. Hameed, Dr. Tarzie Vittachi, Dr. Sigurd Aske, Dr. Sarath Amunugama, Dr. Steinar Opstad, Dr. Margot Wallstrom, Dr. Wangari Mathai, Dr. Thor Heyerdahl, Pol. General Chavalit Yodmani, Dr. Wickrema Werasooria, Dr. Roberto Savio, Dr. Bremley Lyngdoh and many others. We also thank Hon. Knut Frydenlund (former foreign minister of Norway) for believing in the potential of a new idea when Worldview was born in 1979.