PIONEERS for a sustainable future


Through history of mankind, every generation has fostered pioneers as pathfinders searching for a better future. The old impression of a pioneer is a person laying on the stomach with arrows in his back. But there is a modern version; a living pioneer is a lamp lighter, believing in lighting lamps instead of cursing darkness.

The darkness of Global Warming is today owershadowing our future. After 20 years of fruitless discussions, broad based international action was finally agreed in late 2015 at the UN Paris Conference. It might unfortunately take time before effective efforts can be implemented. This could lead to the so called tipping point, the last frontier for avoiding an irreversable catastrophy.

Good news is that we together can move forward with practical, simple solutions using natures own tested methods during millions of years. The challenge is to plant millions of mangrove trees mitigating 3-5 times more CO2 than rainforest trees. It cost only one US dollar to capture one ton CO2 from the atmosphere by working with nature. According to scientists, reducing CO2 climate gases in the atmosphere is necessary to avoid the tipping point while long term emission reductions are in progress. 

HCP is a digital token that represents a living mangrove tree and carbon rights. Pioneering blochain technology empowers climate action with the touch of a button.
Become a pioneer by planting mangrove trees for a sustainable future!

Dr. Arne Fjørtoft

Secretary General & Founder
Worldview International Foundation,
In consultative status with the United Nations

Join the Tree-volution

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Target for 2022
- Complete planting of 17 million trees
- Sustainable development to more than 50 villages
- REDD+ projects
- Biologically capturing and storing over
15 million tons CO2