Our mission is to reduce Global Warming and empower coastal communities to
a better life while promoting bio-diversity by protecting endangered species.

WIF - Thor Heyerdahl Climate Parks

Thor Heyerdahl was a founding member of WIF. He contributed greatly to the aims and objectives of WIF in support of Sustainable Development. He served as WIF´s first Vice-President and organized his expedition to Maldives in cooperation with WIF. This lead to a media centre with training and projects in several atolls.
Thor Heyerdahl visited WIF´s Head Quarter in Sri Lanka and travelled extensively in the country to study its old civilizations.
He had a keen interest in development communication and sharing of values between rich and poor countries.
His son Bjørn was later invited to become WIF´s President. Bjørn has followed in his father´s footsteps with commitment to action on Climate Change and livelihoods with mangrove restoration in coastal communities. Bjørn´s experience and commitment has been of great value to WIF, as well as the passion for his father´s vision and values.


Target for 2022
- Complete planting of 17 million trees
- Sustainable development to more than 50 villages
- REDD+ projects
- Biologically capturing and storing over
15 million tons CO2



The project started in 2012 on three years research for restoration of mangrove in all coastal areas as a protective shield against effects of Global Warming and increased production of sea food, in addition to effective mitigation of Green House Gases.
By end of 2016 we have planted and rescued 2.5 million mangroves trees in the park.


80% of the population in neighbouring villages are below UN´s poverty index. Our aim is to increase earnings with over 100% during the next 5 years by focusing on livelihoods and generating income as part of the mangrove restoration in adaptation to climate change.


Bio-diversity is not only to uphold existing flora and fauna, but also to enrich the environment with additional value such as establishing the first mangrove gene bank with 64 species of mangroves and related species.
We are also protecting endangered species with focus on elephants and dugongs in the park area.

WIF Projects

From darkness to light

WIF has since 2012 distributed solar lights to households and schools in the project areas, with special emphasis on WIF´s model village in Too Chong.
This has lead to a remarkable improvement in people´s lives, from darkness to the age of LIGHT!
The next phase in our solar revolution is to install village based solar enegy systems in all villages in cooperation with Bio8.

Orchids Project

WIF has initiated a modern laboratory for propagation of endangered endemic orchids in Myanmar.
1 million plants produced up to 2016. 
In addition, implemented 32 expeditions to all provinces in the country to collect seeds from 400 endemic endangered orchids for storage in the Global Seed Vault at Svalbard in Norway.

Paradise Farm

WIF has from its inception been committed to promote sustainable development with emphasis on environmental issues.
Paradise Farm was established in 1996 as a pioneering efforts in organic agriculture with production of herbs, species, fruits, coconuts,  green tea and other healthy products.